Kevin Boynton

Hi, and thanks for stopping by to read my profile. I'm a writer and founder of a travel planning company called Pinpoint Traveler. I'm an American by birth, but on shaky ground with the folks back home due to the sheer number of years I've lived abroad. Japan, where I've called home for the better part of eight years, still enthralls me everyday. I'm specifically in love with Kansai, which encompasses Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and most importantly, Osaka! I am convinced that people who dislike Osaka (and that is probably the majority of the Japanese people) are not quite right mentally, or emotionally. While not trying to perfect my Osaka-ben (dialect), I enjoy writing both travel articles and short stories, taking pictures, and thinking about how to best plan vacations. I used to enjoy doing corporate IT work, until one day I figured out that I did not enjoy it all.

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