Julia Barbier

Hello, my name is Julia and I am a 21 year-old French student. I am in my first year of master in modern languages in which I learn English and Italian. I am currently living in Turin, Italy for an Erasmus exchange. I’ve always loved travelling thanks to my parents but I’ve really become addicted to travels when I did my first Erasmus in the United Kingdom. Indeed, I’ve lived in Wales for almost a year; I have enjoyed everything there (except the uncertain weather, in fact I had to buy a pair of wellingtons). This year abroad made me become more mature, indeed when you are alone in a foreign country you have to handle everything by yourself. Hopefully you meet foreign students in the same situation, with the same level of language and here begins the Erasmus experience. These people will become your best friends with whom you’re going to stay the year travelling, partying, trying to finish your assignment before the deadline, enjoying life finally. And at the end you had never thought that you could become so close with someone who does not share the same language, the same culture and that you’ve met 9 months ago. That is why I like travelling; in my opinion moving and discovering new places are the things that constitute a human being, we have been created with legs, that is why we are called humans and not trees.

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