Top 28 Things To Do In Squamish, Canada - Updated 2022

Things to do in Squamish Canada

Squamish is a beautiful town in the Canadian province of British Columbia, bordered by Howe Sound in the northern end. This Canadian town is bustling with activities throughout the year, making it a popular weekend getaway. Tourists can enjoy fishing in the saline waters of Mamquam, Cheakamus, Squamish and Elaho rivers, or unwind by the Alice, Brohm and Cat Lakes. Families with children can head to the Brackendale Eagle Provincial Park, where they can spot eagles or enjoy cross country skiing at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. Nature lovers will have a gala time riding the Sea to Sky Gondola, from where they can admire the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains. On the other hand, adrenaline junkies can go hiking, rock climbing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and white-water rafting on the Squamish River in the Squamish pit. History lovers will enjoy exploring the award-winning Britannia Mine Museum. Here, they can learn about the history of the British Columbia mining industry and hop on a mine train for an underground tour. Here’s a look at the other things to do during a vacation in Squamish, Canada.

1. Embark on a whitewater rafting adventure on the Elaho-Squamish River (from USD 150.0)

Have a thrilling experience of white-water rafting through the Elaho-Squamish River. Head to the Rafting Base, from where tourists can collect wetsuit, booties, a jacket and a helmet. Board the bus to reach the stunning Squamish Valley, where you can hop on the rafts and paddle down the Elaho River. Enjoy a hair-raising adventure in the wilds of Canada while rafting, and check on the riverbanks for native bears, beavers and deer. Challenge yourself against the river’s winding twists, while you admire old-growth forests, dormant volcanoes, towering glaciers and stunning waterfalls.

Squamish Ultimate White-Water Rafting from Squamish

Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes

345 reviews

2. Mountain bike to the most exotic places in Squamish (from USD 80.0)

Adrenaline junkies will have a gala time riding a mountain bike as they explore Squamish’s cross-country trails, single track and pump tracks. Squamish is a mountain biker’s paradise as there are trails for all ages and abilities. From technical single-track, long rock slabs, fast and loamy descents, to jump trails, as well as climb trails and pump tracks, riding a mountain bike is an integral part of Squamish’s culture. Choose among The Basics Specs for the Sight A7.1 bike, The Basics Specs for the Fluid 26 bike and The Basics Specs for the Fluid 4.2 bike to enjoy a full day of riding bikes.

Mountain Bike Rental in Squamish

Duration: 10 hours

11 reviews

3. Enjoy the majestic sunrise/sunset views at Squamish Spit

things to do in squamish canada | enjoy the majestic sunrise/sunset views at squamish spit

Unwind and relax amidst the stunning landscape of Squamish Spit and Estuary, where you can enjoy the panoramic views and spot different bird species. Tourists can enjoy a leisurely walk through the estuary’s salt marshes, mudflats and reeds. You can also go paddle boating through the stream. A popular destination for outdoor lovers, you can easily lie down on the grass and soak in the majestic views of the sunrise or sunset.

Squamish Spit & Estuary

Address: Spit Rd, Squamish, BC, Canada

Website: Squamish Spit & Estuary

4. Tour the historic Britannia Mine Museum (from USD 30.0)

History lovers will love a visit to the Britannia Mine Museum, where they can have a look at mining’s evolution. Situated between Whistler and Vancouver, this historic mine features a collection of interactive exhibits, films, and hands-on activities. Learn about the inner-workings of one of the last-remaining gravity-fed mills in North America as you explore inside the mill building. You can also board the on-site mine train, which takes visitors inside one of the former mining tunnels.

Britannia Mine Museum General Admission

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

84 reviews

5. Sample spirits and craft cocktails at A-FRAME Brewing Co

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Pay a visit to A-FRAME Brewing Co, which is the lakeside-meets-the-mountains taproom serving beer and craft cocktails. Prepared from pure ingredients, the seasonable beers are filled with aroma and flavor and are offered to guests in bombers and growlers. Tourists can engage themselves in stargazing and bat whispering around late-night bonfires, to rainy days wrapped in blankets, while downing the exquisite spirits. If you are traveling with kids, there is no need to worry as the availability of wooden toys and indoor games will keep them occupied.

A-FRAME Brewing Co

Address: 38927 Queens Way #1, Squamish, BC V8B 0K9, Canada

Website: A-FRAME Brewing Co

Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 12pm - 10pm; Fri - Sat: 12pm - 11pm; Sun: 12pm - 9pm

6. Browse through the artifacts at West Coast Railway Heritage Park (from USD 138.0)

Go on a private day trip to Squamish from Vancouver and learn about the area’s history with commentary from your guide. Pay a visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park where you can check out the interesting 90 exhibits. From beautifully renovated sleeper and postal cars to utility trains, as well as the famous Royal Hudson steam engine, this museum is perfect for the train buff in the group. Featuring vintage locomotives, artifacts and themed train rides, this massive railway station and the town center is a must-visit place for tourists and locals.

The Great Squamish Day Trip from Vancouver

Duration: 5 hours

6 reviews

7. Challenge yourself on the Squamish Valley Golf Course

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Located halfway between Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish Valley Golf Course is a playable Canadian Championship Course. Set among panoramic snow-capped mountains, this place hosts tournaments, parties, weddings and events. With the best drainage system in the mainland, this golf course extends through classic parkland with five lakes, trees and massive stumps. Challenge and play a round of golf with friends, while enjoying the incredible views of the west coast scenery.

Squamish Valley Golf & Country

Address: 2458 Mamquam Rd, Squamish, BC V8B 0H8, Canada

Website: Squamish Valley Golf & Country

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 7am - 8pm; Sat - Sun: 6:30am - 8pm

8. Experience the pristine beauty of Squamish Valley on a flight tour (from USD 161.0)

Soar over Squamish Valley, a gem of British Columbia, to enjoy fantastic aerial views on this flight tour. Board the Squamish Explorer with an expert and attentive pilot, who will take you to the skies to experience the amazing adventure. Unfold the rolling terrain of the Squamish Valley or admire the shimmering alpine lakes, snow-capped peaks, gigantic glaciers and plunging valleys across the Tantalus, Alpha, Ossa and Omega Mountain Ranges. Learn about the region’s fascination geology on this tour. Spot grizzly bears, goats, eagles and occasional mountaineers as the pilot takes you above Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Squamish Explorer Flightseeing Tour

Duration: 35 minutes

52 reviews

9. Marvel at the underwater world at Howe Sound

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Head to the Expedition Center on Horseshoe Bay from where you can board a boat to explore the scenery of Howe Sound from the deck. You can board the Topsail, which features a large dive platform, an onboard compressor, a viewing deck, a heated cabin and a marine toilet. Have a close encounter with seals, wolf eels, nudibranchs and other marine life at Vancouver’s first artificial reef, while diving in Howe Sound.

10. Relax by the glacier-fed lakes of Alice, Brohm and Cat

Relax by the glacier-fed lakes of Alice, Cat and Brohm after a tiring and hectic day in the city. Camp by the Alice Lake or enjoy hiking on the beautiful trails that are amid creeks and groves of Cedar, Hemlock, and Douglas Fir trees. The Cat Lake is a popular swimming hole, where you have access to wooden rafts, hiking and biking trails, rope swings, and 36 forested walk-in campsites. Brohm Lake is set amidst a beautiful, lush and quiet forest with a number of trails that circle it. Enjoy an afternoon siesta or plan a picnic with the family by these lakes.

Cat Lake Recreation Site

Address: Cheekye Forest Service Rd, Squamish, BC V8B 0P6, Canada

Website: Cat Lake Recreation Site

11. Test your balancing skills on the slackline course at Nexen Beach

Formerly known as the Nexen Beach, Newport Beach is a sandy and rustic beach, where you can test your balancing skills at the slackline course. Go for a run with your dogs or play with them on this friendly beach. Tourists can take a leisurely stroll around Squamish’s windy waterfront, or just lie down on the beach and watch the sunset. Head to the centerpiece of Squamish’s oceanfront, where you can have a close encounter with dolphins, whales and other marine life.

NewPort Beach

Address: 37321 Galbraith Ave, Squamish, BC V8B 0K1, Canada

Website: NewPort Beach

Opening hours: 6am - 6pm (daily)

12. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of Shannon Falls

A provincial park in British Columbia, Shannon Falls Provincial Park offers mesmerizing views of the Shannon Falls. It is the third-highest waterfall in British Columbia and it was named after William Shannon. Protecting the surrounding area on the north-east shore of the Howe Sound, the Shannon Falls and the adjoining woods are commonly used for television and film shoots. Enjoy hiking along a well-maintained boardwalk and pass by towering trees, old-growth stumps and the mist to reach the iconic spot.

Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Address: Squamish-Lillooet D, BC V0N 1T0, Canada

13. Set sail at the Squamish Yacht Club

Squamish Yacht Club is a non-profit, family-friendly, casual and a progressive club, which offers a wide spectrum of boating and sailing activities to its members. If you are looking for pure adventure, cruise along Howe Sound and beyond to discover three marine parks, which are equipped with anchorages, moorage buoys and islands. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the clubhouse or relish delicious platters on the covered barbecue dock space, after sailing at the Squamish Yacht Club.

Squamish Yacht Club

Address: 37778 Loggers Ln, Squamish, BC V8B 0B2, Canada

Website: Squamish Yacht Club

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (daily)

14. Have fun at Squamish Skatepark

have fun at squamish skatepark

Take your children out for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities like skateboarding, at the Squamish skatepark. Easily accessible from a pathway across from Howe Sound Secondary School, this park features plenty of concrete skating areas. It also boasts banks, ledges, flat bar, down rail and lots of transition including a curved vert wall. Kids and teenagers will have a gala time as they can practice skating for tournaments, or just enjoy spending some time during the summer holidays.

Squamish Skatepark

Address: Squamish, BC V8B 0K6, Canada

Website: Squamish Skatepark

15. Take an aerial tour of the majestic Squamish Valley (from USD 161.0)

Soar over Squamish Valley to enjoy a bird’s-eye view over the rugged Canadian wilderness on this aerial tour. Board the Squamish Explorer with an expert guide and an attentive pilot, who will take you to the skies to experience the amazing adventure. Admire the shimmering alpine lakes, snow-capped peaks, gigantic glaciers and plunging valleys across the Tantalus, Alpha, Ossa and Omega mountain ranges, or learn about the region’s fascinating geology. Enjoy a romantic ride with your loved ones as you soar above the Garibaldi Provincial Park, where you can spot grizzly bears, goats, eagles, and occasional mountaineers.

Squamish Explorer Flightseeing Tour

Duration: 35 minutes

52 reviews

16. Go fishing in Mamquam, Cheakamus, Squamish and Elaho Rivers

go fishing in mamquam, cheakamus, squamish and elaho rivers
Source: npaprivat on Instagram

Plan a day out with family as you go fishing in the saline waters of Mamquam, Cheakamus, Squamish and Elaho Rivers. Take a walk along the wide, flat, gravel, easy and loamy single-track trails to reach the fast-flowing Mamquam River. Enjoy seasonal fishing for salmon, steelhead, trout and char in the Cheakamus River, or plan a camping night with friends on the banks of the Squamish River after fishing. Enjoy white-water rafting and kayaking apart from fishing in the 70 km (43.4 miles) long Elaho River.

Squamish River

Address: British Columbia, Canada

Website: Squamish River

17. Pamper your taste buds at Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Located on the Sea to Sky Highway, Mag’s 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina is a perfect spot for tourists on a road trip. Stop by this bright and vibrant eatery, which offers an eclectic mix of Mexican fare and fried chicken. Serving both locals and Squamish visitors with the utmost care, customers will enjoy snacking on the delicious platters. Popularly known for its crave-worthy fried chicken, this place also serves loaded burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas.

Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina

Address: 1584 BC-99, Squamish, BC V8B 0H2, Canada

Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (daily)

18. Taste some of the finest cocktails at Gillespie's Fine Spirits

Stop by Gillespie’s Fine Spirits, a family-owned and operated craft distillery when in Squamish. Hang out with friends at this cocktail bar and down a few drinks like the Raspberry Gin, the award-winning Lemoncello, locally adored Sin Gin, Chili-Chocolate aphrodisiac elixir and two different types of vodkas. Producing a line of boutique spirits, the distillery also has a tasting room and a bottle shop. Visitors can sample the spirits at the tasting room, or buy a bottle for friends and family back home.

Gillespie's Fine Spirits

Address: 38918 Progress Way #8, Squamish, BC V8B 0K7, Canada

Website: Gillespie’s Fine Spirits

Opening hours: Wed: 1pm - 6pm; Thu: 1pm - 10pm; Fri - Sat: 1pm - 12am; Sun: 1pm - 6pm (closed on Mon & Tue)

19. Enjoy a relaxing picnic at the Alice Lake Provincial Park

Named after the wife of Charles Rose, Alice Lake Provincial Park is a popular recreation spot for tourists and local residents. Featuring several hiking and biking trails, campsites and picnic areas, families with children often head here for a relaxing day out amidst nature. Bask in the sun and whoop in glee when you spot chipmunks, raccoons, squirrels, Steller’s jays, crows and osprey. Surrounded by towering mountains, dense forests and grassy areas, visitors can also enjoy swimming and fishing in the lake.

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Address: BC-99, Squamish, BC V0N 1H0, Canada

Website: Alice Lake Provincial Park

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm (daily)

20. Go hiking on the Ray Peters Trail

Popularly known as the Dump Trail area in Squamish, Ray Peters Trail is a flat gradual decline loop. Ideal for hiking for all ages. Tourists can feel the scent of mature evergreens waft through the air as they soak in the views of surrounding mountains. Away from Highway 99, this trail is a peaceful area and it features a rambling expanse of pleasant woods and some old pavement, a running section, a cemetery and a parking space. When here, awaken the child in you by puddle jumping in the Ray Peters Trail.

Ray Peters Trail

Address: Squamish, BC V0N 1H0, Canada

21. Go biking with the help of Flying Spirits Rental

Posted by Flying Spirit Rentals on Sunday, 15 July 2018

Flying Spirits Rental is a bicycle rental service that offers mountain biking courses and tours. If you are a novice in mountain biking, Flying Spirits Rental will treat you with a smile, enthusiasm and also provide coaching classes to build your mountain biking skills. Tourists can also opt for the special guided tours, which will take them along the Squamish trail network, as well as allow them to camp under the stars with friends and family.

Flying Spirit Rentals Ltd

Address: 1796 Depot Rd E, Squamish, BC V8B 0P6, Canada

Website: Flying Spirit Rentals Ltd

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

22. Defy gravity at the Airhouse Sports Academy

Airhouse Sports Academy is a training center that offers a progressive and freestyle trampoline practice along with a wide range of action sports programs. Open since 2015, this center provides the best athletic experience in a safe and fun learning environment. If you are looking for both basic and competitive training, Airhouse Squamish is the ideal place to head to. From drop-in-sessions, lessons and camps to organizing events and birthdays, this place has everything one demands.

Airhouse Squamish

Address: 1201 Commercial Way Unit #401, Squamish, BC V8B 0V1, Canada

Website: Airhouse Squamish

Opening hours: Mon: 11am - 9pm; Tue - Thu: 11am - 7pm; Fri: 11am - 9pm; Sat: 9:30am - 9pm; Sun: 9:30am - 7pm

23. Explore the tidewaters at Porteau Cove

Porteau Cove at sunset by IvanAndreevich (WestCoastScapes)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user IvanAndreevich used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated on the southerly fjord in North America, Porteau Cove Provincial Park offers picnicking, camping, swimming, windsurfing and a boat launch. Spreading over 50 hectares (123.5 acres), this place is popular with scuba divers as they can discover the artificial reefs from the sunken vessels. Maintained and operated by Sea To Sky Parks, this park features waterfront campsites with a view over Howe Sound to the mountains beyond. Explore the tidewaters at Porteau Cove, as you wet your feet in the waters.

Porteau Cove Provincial Park

Address: Squamish-Lillooet D, BC, Canada

Website: Porteau Cove Provincial Park

24. Enjoy mesmerizing views on the Sea to Sky Gondola ride (from USD 52.0)

Enjoy incredible views of Howe Sound, Shannon Falls and Squamish Chief Mountain, while riding a Sea to Sky Gondola ride. The gondola cabins are comfortable and provide space for a maximum of eight people. Climb into the cabins to admire the stunning bird’s-eye views of the picturesque landscape, while gliding 880 meters (2900 feet) above sea level. Spot the notable attractions on the way to the summit and absorb the incredible pine tree-covered mountain scenery down below. After your arrival at the top, take a stroll across the Sky Pilot suspension bridge on the way to the summit lodge, where you can rest and purchase food.

Sea to Sky Gondola Ticket

Duration: 2 hours

159 reviews

25. Climb the Via Ferrata in Squamish (from USD 102.0)

Take on a daring but safe experience while climbing the Via Ferrata at the Sea to Sky Gondola. Wear the helmets and get harnessed in order to be fit to climb as you enjoy the remarkable views of the stunning landscape. Try to touch the snow-capped peaks of Sky Pilot above, and see the Howe Sound below, while you make your way across bridges, a catwalk and head up glacier-worn granite. Enjoy this guided fun adventure with your friends and family as you hike down the Sea to Summit trail. Relax on the sun deck of the Sea to Sky Summit Lodge, after the end of your Via Ferrata adventure.

Squamish Via Ferrata Tour

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

16 reviews

26. Try out rock climbing in Squamish (from USD 124.0)

Try your hand at rock climbing in the Squamish wilderness, while absorbing the mesmerizing views of the surroundings. Challenge yourself on this exciting tour and embrace outdoor adventure in the Canadian wilderness. With sheer cliff faces and incredible countryside scenery, Squamish offers a fun-filled morning or afternoon of single pitch rock climbing. Bring the gears and gain all the insights about rock climbing from your guide in order to tackle a range of climbs pitched to your ability.

Squamish Rock Climbing

Duration: 3 hours

27. Observe wintering bald eagles at Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park (from USD 91.0)

observe wintering bald eagles at brackendale eagles provincial park

If you are planning to visit Squamish in the winter make sure you head to the Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park. Here, you can spot the bald eagles who visit the Brackendale area of Squamish to feast on salmon. Deck yourself in warm clothes, grab your camera and head to this region for a spectacular view of the eagles. Click pictures of the wintering eagles around the Cheakamus and Squamish Rivers. Learn about the thriving eagle population of this region, while admiring the stunning views of the Stawamus Chief, Shannon Falls, Mount Garibaldi and the Coast Mountains.

Squamish: Winter Eagle Viewing Float

Duration: 4 to 6 hour

1 review

28. Try out stand-up paddleboarding (from USD 24.0)

try out stand-up paddleboarding

A perfect location for paddle-boarding, tourists will have an adventurous time amidst Squamish’s abundance of gorgeous lakes. Enjoy the immense beauty of the Coast Mountain landscape, while paddleboarding and kayaking on the waters. Rent regular-sized or extra-large-sized paddleboards according to your comfort level and enjoy some peaceful time on the water. Tourists can also choose between a half-day or a full-day experience of complete relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature.

Squamish Stand-Up Paddle Board Rental

Duration: 8 hours

Visit Squamish for a memorable experience

From pristine mountains and wind-whipped bays to nature in all its glory, Squamish is the perfect getaway for adventure enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. This beautiful coastal Canadian town is the perfect destination for travelers eager to experience nature and unwind.

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