Top 18 Things To Do In Palmer, Alaska

things to do in palmer alaska

Palmer is a farm town that is situated in Mat-Su Valley, in the state of Alaska, United States, giving it breathtaking views of the Chugach and Talkeetna mountain ranges. Attractions such as the Musk Ox Farm, Reindeer Farm, and Matanuska Valley, are among the many sites that have made Palmer such a beloved destination for tourists. The city offers a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation in harmonious tranquility making it perfect for vacation. Whether it’s the summer season or winter, there’s always plenty to see and do. Read on to know more about things to do in Palmer, Alaska during your vacation.

1. Explore local history at Palmer Visitor Information Center

Posted by Dave Meyer on Sunday, 11 August 2019

Housed in a one-room log cabin, Palmer Visitor Information Center is a local history museum that is found in downtown Palmer. The cabin is in an attractive, tranquil environment blossoming with natural beauty. This information center gives you an opportunity to learn about the history of Palmer while also viewing artifacts that relate to the history of the area. More importantly, you get crucial information regarding historical sites that you should visit, the activities you can do to make your exploration exciting, and to learn of the projects which might be scheduled for the future. Outside there’s a gorgeous garden of flowers and vegetables.

Palmer Visitor Information Center

Address: 723-799 S Valley Way, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Palmer Visitor Information Center

Opening hours: Wed - Fri: 10am - 5pm (closed from Sat - Tue)

2. Book a horseback riding tour through Sunderland Ranch

Horse camp. Trail rides. Roping & cutting practice. Elk & beef production. High quality hay. Sunderland Ranch offers a...

Posted by Alaska Farmland Trust on Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Sunderland Ranch is a guest a rustic guest ranch in Palmer that offers visitors a chance to get away from the day to day activities and have a taste of ranch life. The ranch features a ton of relaxing and fun activities that a family would really love to do. The ranch offers a variety offers facilities for activities such as weddings, day camps, lodging, among other events. The most exciting feature of the ranch is trail rides on a horseback. This is the climax of the tour because it gives you an opportunity to ride through the beautiful scenery on the mountains.

Sunderland Ranch

Address: 10856 N Wolverine Rd, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Sunderland Ranch

Opening hours: 9am - 7pm (daily)

Price: From 99 USD

3. See farm animals up-close at Reindeer Farm

There’s nothing that would be more perfect than spending your day with your kids admiring wildlife. A vacation is all about exploration and Palmer comes with a lot of hidden gems to explore. One of those gems is the Reindeer Farm which gives you an opportunity to get up-close and interact with reindeer and other farm animals. The owner of the farm usually guides tours around the farm, teaching guests a thing or two about the animals. These tours also give you an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the amazing scenery around the farm. Kids are taught how to bottle-feed reindeer calves and interact with a moose.

Reindeer Farm

Address: 5561 Bodenburg Loop, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Reindeer Farm

4. Travel back in time at Independence Mine State Historical Park

Posted by Jay Schreiner on Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Formerly the Independence Mines, Independence Mine State Historical Park is a gold-mining museum and a self-guided insightful exploration through a mine camo. Situated in the Talkeetna Mountains, across Hatcher Pass, the park was originally a site for mining gold in Palmer. This historical park used to accommodate more than 200 workers during its peak years and used to mine loads of gold. This was all happening before rumors of World War II led to its shutdown. The park also features a network of paved pathways that make it easy to stroll or hike as you admire the rugged terrain around the mine.

Independence Mine State Historical Park

Address: 23264 Gold Cord Rd, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Independence Mine State Historical Park

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm; Sun: 9am - 5pm

5. Browse through the artifacts at Colony House Museum

Posted by John W. Buza on Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Palmer is a city that is rich in interesting history that dates back to colonial times. Colony House Museum is a historical site that houses a big chunk of the history of Palmer city. The museum was originally the home to the colonists Irene and Oscar Beylund. To understand better how an average colonist family used to live, it is better to visit Colony House Museum. You will have a chance to admire the charming architecture of the house, plus several pieces of décor and artifacts that were owned by the Beylunds. Today, the museum hosts various special events throughout the year.

Colony House Museum

Address: 316 E Elmwood Ave, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Colony House Museum

6. Soak in the views of the beautiful snowy terrains from a helicopter

Posted by Last Frontier Air Ventures, LTD on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Palmer is a country that is truly blessed with gorgeous historical landmarks that would take you many days to visit. That’s why a helicopter tour is a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy an adventurous exploration. Soar through the breathtaking terrain as you appreciate the beauty of features such as the glaciers and icebergs. It’s not only the geographical beauty that will leave you thrilled, but there is also a variety of wildlife to view including black bears, moose, mountain goats, and Dall sheep among others. The helicopter ride will fly you over the lower glaciers where you can view the blue melt pools and the crevasses.

Last Frontier Air Ventures, Ltd

Address: 1415 N Local 302 Rd., Ste C, Palmer, AK 99645, United States

Website: Last Frontier Air Ventures, Ltd

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

7. Have a refreshing beer at Arkose Brewery

Do you feel like enjoying beer? Then your adventure in Palmer just got more exciting. Arkose Brewery lets you enjoy your beer inspired by the splendid beauty of the glacier-fed rivers, snow-capped mountains, and interestingly, the Arkose Peak. The brewery is family-owned and has been brewing using traditional methods with a few innovations since 2011. The beer here is inspired by the splendid surroundings, the German heritage, and Pacific Northwest culture. Be sure to stroll around the brewery and learn about the magic that happens during brewing operations. The owner always takes time to educate people about the craft of brewing such refreshing beers.

Arkose Brewery

Address: 650 E Steel Loop, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Arkose Brewery

Opening hours: Tue, Thu - Fri: 4pm - 7pm; Sat: 1pm - 7pm; Sun: 1pm - 4pm (closed on Mon & Wed)

8. Unleash your adventurous spirit by hiking through Bodenburg Butte

Posted by Paige Marsh on Sunday, 4 August 2019

Alaska is a beautiful country blessed with a ton of amazing geography. From large vibrant tropical forests to the dazzling snow-capped mountains, you can never lack something new to explore. Among those many attractions, at the forefront is Bodenburg Butte, a low isolated mountain sitting at the trough of the splendid Matanuska Valley. During the day, you will always find both locals and tourists roaming the valley admiring nature at its best. You will find lovely trails overlaid with gravel making it easier to traverse through the jungle to the open fields and rocky flats. Be sure to bring a camera with you.

9. Admire a spectacular sunset from Government Peak Recreation Area

Posted by Government Peak Recreation Area at Hatcher Pass on Monday, 16 July 2018

The best way to enjoy the beauty of nature is by interacting with it, literally. Make a trip to Government Peak Recreation Area and enjoy wonderful bonding time together as you explore Palmer’s astonishing beauty. The summer or winter season does not affect how regularly people visit here because it’s an ideal getaway. During the winter, you will encounter ski enthusiasts and people snowshoeing. Also, during the summer when it’s dry, people are always having fun biking and hiking all over the place enjoying the romantic atmosphere. Just nearby, there are other sites that are worth exploring as well.

Government Peak Recreation Area

Address: N Mountain Trails Dr, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

10. Stop by and say a prayer at Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church


Posted by Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church on Sunday, 18 August 2019

Every community has religion and ever culture believes in some form of worshipping their God. In Palmer, Christians here usually gather at Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church to offer their supplications to God. It is a small church in Palmer that was established in 1985 with a mission of serving the local community. As you vacation, you also need God’s inspiration and blessings to carry out a fulfilling vacation. You can always take the family on Sunday mornings at the church so as to worship. That will also give you a chance to interact with the local community and learn a few things about their culture, too.

Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church

Address: Mile 12.5 Old Glenn Highway, S Old Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645, United States

Website: Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church

Opening hours: Wed: 6am - 8pm; Sun: 10am - 12pm; (closed from Mon - Tue & Thu - Sat)

11. Tour the unique Musk Ox Farm

Would you just look at these three muskoxeteers? Unaware that they are legends here, 25-year old #bffs Emma & Georgeann...

Posted by The Musk Ox Farm on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Musk Ox Farm is a non-profit organization in Farm Loop, Alaska. Musk is an Ice Age mammal that used to traverse the land with other mammals such as the saber-tooth tiger. While still enjoying a splendid vacation in Palmer, it would be a good idea to also find out about these wonderful animals. The farm was started by John Teal with the intention of educating the local community of ways of preserving and living with musk. You’ll have a chance to explore the form and interact up-close with calves and season old bulls, too. The farm also features a gift shop with garments, yarn, and hand-combed qiviut fiber.

Musk Ox Farm

Address: 12850 E Archie Rd, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Musk Ox Farm

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 11 USD

12. Play a round of golf at Palmer Golf Course

We will play round 2 of the Palmer Club Championship today. The strong winds continued through the night, but our course...

Posted by Palmer Golf Course on Sunday, 18 August 2019

Golf is a very interesting sport and the beauty of it is that it’s always played in lush, attractive courses. Palmer Golf Course is one of the biggest golf courses in the whole of Mat-Su Valley and Alaska at large. It is situated roughly about 40 minutes from Anchorage in a tranquil scenic place. Actually, not many golf courses in the world can claim to be beautiful as the Palmer Golf Course. Locals and visitors usually come here to enjoy the amazing views of Pioneer Peak, the gentle Matanuska River, and Knik Glacier. All this beautiful scenery coupled with a serene atmosphere ensure a romantic experience.

Palmer Golf Course

Address: 1000 Lepak Ave, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Palmer Golf Course

Opening hours: 8am - 9pm (daily)

13. Experience thrills with NOVA Alaska Guides

Posted by NOVA Alaska Guides, Alaska's river and glacier guides since 1975. on Friday, 5 July 2019

Do you love ice skating or other ice sports? If you happen to be on a vacation in Palmer, Alaska during the winter, you can have an adventure in the icy landscape with NOVA Alaska Guides. Most people, when they hear Alaska, they always imagine ice and glaciers. Well, it’s true and it also boasts some of the most gorgeous ice scenery in the world. NOVA gives a wonderful opportunity to tour the area as you admire Alaska’s rivers and glaciers, just as you’ve always imagined it to be. You may choose to go on an adventure by river rafting or just experience glacier hiking–anyhow, fun is guaranteed.

NOVA Alaska Guides

Address: 38100 West Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: NOVA Alaska Guides

Opening hours: 8am - 6pm (daily)

14. Unwind yourself at Alpine Historical Park

Posted by Alpine Historical Park on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Alpine Historical Park is a historical park in Alaska that gives a little piece of the past history of Alaska. The park features rustic buildings and a scenic environment making it a good place to spend time with your family. Originally, this was a coal plant that was operated by the navy. A tour of this park gives you an opportunity to learn about the early days of coal mining in the Matanuska Valley. You will also be able to view the ancient building structures and the equipment that has been preserved there. You can come and enjoy a picnic here, the atmosphere is ideal.

Alpine Historical Park

Address: Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Alpine Historical Park

15. Go on exciting excursions with Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours

You need Alaska! This is shaping up to be one of the best summers I have ever experienced! . . . #beapartoftheadventure...

Posted by Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours on Friday, 31 May 2019

For you to enjoy an adventurous vacation in Palmer, you need to explore the beauty of Alaska’s backcountry. Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours gives a thrilling experience by touring every inch and corner of the backcountry area. This experience is so unique that it’s hard to find it anywhere else in the world. The tours feature different thrills, be it adventure while hiking via ATV or on a snowmobile, the fun is breathtaking. This adventure will take you to top of the state’s majestic mountains where the air is even fresher. Admire the breathtaking scenery of the glaciers and the unique wildlife.

Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours

Address: 3901 S Lindsey Cir, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours

Opening hours: 8am - 7pm (daily)

16. Embark on ultimate adventures with Knik Glacier Tours

Big shout out to Erik Halfacre for taking this epic shot of our utility boat in front of Knik Glacier last fall!

Posted by Knik Glacier Tours on Friday, 16 June 2017

Palmer is blessed with so much natural beauty that you won’t lack adventurous activities you can plan for your day. Knik Glacier Tours is a tourist information center in the Knik River that offers you an opportunity to explore some must-see attractions and experiences that would have otherwise been hard to do. You will be able to tour the northern edge of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains while traversing the Knik River waters. The family is assured of a great time as they experience this wonderful paradise. Apart from the amazing scenery, there is also unique wildlife that will catch your attention.

Knik Glacier Tours

Address: 26326 Buckshot Ln, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Knik Glacier Tours

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

17. Quench your appetite at The Noisy Goose

Thanks Lori Summers for the photo!

Posted by Colony Kitchen/ Noisy Goose Cafe on Thursday, 4 July 2019

Featuring a luxurious setting, Noisy Goose is a family-owned restaurant that features a variety of mouthwatering American cuisines. If you were looking for a joint to take the family out and treat their taste buds the American style, you can’t be wrong in choosing the Noisy Goose. Their meals are prepared by seasoned chefs who use fresh handpicked ingredients for better tasting meals. From appetizers, cheese sticks, and hand-dipped onion rings to cheese fries and hand-dipped mushrooms, their menu is nothing but amazing. They also serve an array of refreshing drinks such as pink lemonade, Lipton tea, juices, and many others.

The Noisy Goose

Address: 1890 Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: The Noisy Goose

Opening hours: 6am - 9pm (daily)

18. Have a fun night out at Palmer Bar

Are you in the mood to party and enjoying a vibrant night out? Then you won’t have to go outside the Palmer area to find a suitable joint to have fun. Palmer Bar is a very popular partying place within the local community. Locals and tourists always trickle down here to drink, intermingle, and definitely have fun. The bar is popular for serving strong drinks and has even earned itself the title Biggest Little Bar in Town. It’s not only the drinks that invite people to come here, but the nights are also filled with energetic live music and people are always showing their dance moves.

Palmer Bar

Address: 828 S Colony Way, Palmer, AK 99645, USA

Website: Palmer Bar

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 5am; Sun: 11am - 12am

Enjoy a pristine vacation in Palmer, Alaska

Autopista Glenn, Palmer, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-22, DD 54
Source: Photo by user Diego Delso used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Palmer is a very attractive city with so many things to explore and learn. It’s also a tranquil and beautiful place to vacation–that is why tourists from all corners of the globe visit here for holidays. The city’s welcoming nature ensures that you enjoy a comfortable, pristine stay during your adventure.

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