Look No Further For The Best Falafel Stand In North-West London

Look No Further For The Best Falafel Stand In North-West London

Have you ever wondered why when you got home from being out-and-about that you put on your casual clothes? Well, it’s all about being comfortable and informal. We can’t always be dressed perfectly in formal attire, and wearing a pair of leggings and a big fluffy jumper is much more relaxing and enjoyable. The same applies with food. There will be times when you want to go out and enjoy a five course fine dining meal whereas during other times, you’ll just want something comforting and homely. This is exactly why I’m going to tell you about a local street food stand in Watford that offers the most addictive vegetarian and vegan options that are known to mankind in this side of London.

Foodie stands on The Parade, High Street

look no further for the best falafel stand in north-west london | foodie stands on the parade, high street

Located on The Parade, High Street, Watford are a number of street food stands but the one that I believe you should gravitate towards is the vegetarian and vegan falafel stand, which is located right underneath the flyover. This stand has been offering food to the local community for over 4 years and is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy and good quality food to its customers.

The street vendors are incredibly kind and interesting people who are happy to see you. If you’re a regular customer, you won’t be surprised to hear that they remember exactly how you like your foodie offering to taste, which is also just another way in which they show you that they care for your preference.

The hustling and bustling outside the stand creates a real buzz and an excitement to have some hot and healthy food. Whatever season it is, street food always tastes good. If the weather is hot and you’re feeling peckish, it’s great to have something nutritious and appetising whilst you wander around the town. If the weather is chilly, you need something to warm you up and re-energise you for your afternoon and what could be better than a hot and healthy falafel dish?

A vegetarian and vegan falafel stand that will catch your eye

look no further for the best falafel stand in north-west london | a vegetarian and vegan falafel stand that will catch your eye

The vegetarian and vegan falafel stand serves up a number of options to suit your cravings. You can choose to have a standard falafel wrap with salad for only 4 GBP (5.35 USD); if you pay an extra 1 GBP (1.35 USD), you can also have grilled halloumi inside your wrap, which is recommended.

If having a wrap does not appeal to you, then you can have falafel and salad within a box for only 4 GBP (5.35 USD), with the option of having grilled halloumi for an extra 1 GBP (1.35 USD). If you want to make things simpler and only want falafels, then you can have a box of 10 for only 5 GBP (6.75 USD) or simply take-away a salad for 3 GBP (4.05 USD). Now if that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is.

All the food is prepared freshly before your own eyes and to the flavour profiles that give joy and happiness to your taste buds For example, if you want a falafel wrap with salad and grilled halloumi, you can pick exactly what salad you want inside your wrap and how much of a spicy kick you want in it, if any at all. This is fantastic because you’re able to make a tailor-made wrap, without having to do any of the hard work. So if you’re a fan of the fuchsia pickled turnips, then make sure to let your generous food vendor know, so he makes sure to add some of that bright coloured goodness to your order.

Tailor-made savoury treats with exactly what you want

look no further for the best falafel stand in north-west london | tailor-made savoury treats with exactly what you want

Other options as to what can be included in your wrap or box are as follows: lettuce, tomatoes, grilled potatoes, grilled aubergine, onions, black olives, green olives, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, feta cheese, pickled lemon etc.

Your food vendor will ask you at the onset exactly what you want and if for example, you decide to opt for a wrap, then he will immediately lay down some creamy hummus, tahini and yogurt on the base before topping it up with all the garnishes that you want included. Afterwards, he will add three to four hot falafels into the wrap and will cover them with any of the sauces that tickle your fancy. He will then fold the wrap and toast it so that it’s warm and compressed successfully for you to enjoy. Watching the food being created in front of you is a fantastic experience; the sight and smell of the food is mouth-watering and will provide a treat for your nose that is tempting you to get some good food inside you (and can sense that it’s on its way soon).

Eat on the spot or take-away to enjoy

look no further for the best falafel stand in north-west london | eat on the spot or take-away to enjoy

The service at the vegetarian and vegan falafel stand is fast and personable, which is important when your hunger pangs are churning inside. Appreciating that you may wish to embrace your falafel dish immediately, the vendors are able to hand it over to you for you to enjoy straight away. In the alternative, if you want to take it home and aren’t a fan of eating-on-the-go, then they can wrap it up for you to enjoy later on. However, I would recommend enjoying it straight away as it’s hot and filled with irresistible goodies (that you really shouldn’t force yourself to wait to enjoy until you get home!).

If you decide to opt for the falafel wrap, I can guarantee you that within your first bite, you will know that it was the right decision to stop by at this falafel stand. The falafels are full of flavour and moist on the inside with a slightly crunchy exterior which goes perfectly with the flavoursome salad. The salad, in my view, is best enjoyed if you opt for the inclusion of grilled halloumi as it adds another dimension to your wrap, becoming chewier and has an element of saltiness that is inherent with halloumi cheese.

Filling and wholesome and a great price

If you’re in Watford and thinking of something quick and healthy for you to eat, then the vegetarian and vegan falafel stand has to be a spot that you give consideration. The options are filling and wholesome and will definitely make you feel in top form and ready to enjoy the rest of your day. Eating street food is one of the most economical and best ways in which to immerse yourself in another culture whilst you’re travelling, so why not try some of this food whilst exploring Watford?

I must add that whilst there are some wonderful restaurants to eat in within Watford, nothing beats the speed and price of the food stands on The Parade, so they are definitely recommended. The vegetarian and vegan falafel stand is open from Monday – Saturday from 11.00 am – 4.00 pm and I would very much recommend that you stop by and enjoy one of the best falafel treats in the area (with such a low price tag that it would be hard to beat!).

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