Best 20 Places To Visit In Lebanon - Updated 2022

best places to visit in lebanon

Nestled on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is a wonderful country with several historic and natural attractions to explore. This small yet worth-seeing country in the Middle East is known for its rich history and culture. If you are a nature lover, you should not miss visiting Jeita Grotto, incredible limestone cave system, jaw-dropping Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Chowan Waterfall, and the pleasant Lake Qaraoun. Make sure you visit the majestic natural wonder of Raouche Pigeon Rocks, where marvelous rocks jutted out of the seawater. Besides, the Temples of Baalbek, Our Lady of Nourieh, Hamra Street, Al Tal Tripoli, and Beirut Souks are other landmarks in Lebanon that greet several tourists. From spectacular beaches, historic museums, to mesmerizing nature, Lebanon has all that every tourist looks for. So, if you have plans to visit the country in your coming holidays, learning about some interesting places to enrich your travel experience. Read on to find the best places to visit in Lebanon.

1. Tyre

Source: Photo by user Véronique Dauge used under CC BY-SA 3.0-IGO

One of the oldest consistently inhabited cities on the globe, Tyre is a fabulous city in Lebanon to explore. It is one of the hidden gems of Lebanon, which gifts you memorable travel experience. Make sure you visit Tyre’s Hippodrome, which boasts the ancient Roman grandeur. It dates back to the second century A.D. and is well-known for being the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ruins here are the size of several football fields. Also, spend a refreshing time at Tyre Port viewing spectacular ocean views. Adorned by clear blue water, Tyre Public Beach is an ideal destination for beach lovers.


Address: Tyre, Lebanon

Website: Tyre

2. Barja

Sitting near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barja is a pleasant town and municipality in the Chouf District of Lebanon’s Mount Lebanon Governate. Whether you are visiting Barja in the summer or winter season, you can enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and have a refreshing vacation. You can find here amazing antique houses, which were originally constructed close by fresh water-springs, that features traditional architecture. Bajra is also home to olive tree orchards and pine groves. Visit Zak Zouk, which is a traditional souk, and shop your favorite things. The presence of outdoor recreational areas here helps you stay entertained during your holidays here.


Address: Chouf District, Lebanon

Website: Barja

3. Chekka

Present at a superb natural destination, Chekka is a wonderful coastal town which you should visit when touring through Lebanon. Make sure you visit the village of Hamat, which is a chalky headland which extends beyond the sea. Hamat is home to the monastery of Our Lady of Nourieh, one of the most prominent landmarks here. Offer your prayers at Mar Elias church. From here you can watch the verdant Joze River valley below. Explore the coastal road of Ras ach-Chaq’s and capture some scenic views.


Address: Batroun District, Lebanon

Website: Chekka

4. Jounieh

Jounieh Lebanon
Source: Photo by user Paul Saad used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Graced by gorgeous landscape and enchanting bay, Jounieh is a wonderful coastal city where you can enjoy a relaxing sabbatical when in Lebanon. The Teleferique here gifts you a thrilling cable car ride. Watch panoramic views of the city and nature as the cable car takes you up the mountains. Do not miss visiting the incredible cave system of Jeito Grotto, a historic natural wonder. Stroll through the Jounieh old souk, where you can find shops selling antiques. Visit the ocean-side cafes here and eat savory food gazing at scenic views.


Address: Keserwan District, Lebanon

Website: Jounieh

5. Sidon

Source: Photo by user Rabih omeiri used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The third-biggest city in Lebanon and the largest in south Lebanon, Sidon is a pleasant place on the shore of the Mediterranean. It is a bustling commercial center in Lebanon having a conservative atmosphere of a small charming town. During the Persian era, Sidon was famous as the ‘city of gardens’ and even today you can find banana and citrus plantations surrounding the city. Make sure you visit the Sea Castle, which dates back to the 13th-century. Khan El Franj, The Great Mosque, and The Castle of St. Louis are other popular places to visit when in Sidon.


Address: Sidon, Lebanon

Website: Sidon

6. Aley

Aley Sculptures
Source: Photo by user Freedom's Falcon used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Based on Mount Lebanon, Aley is a prominent and the fourth biggest city in Lebanon. Due to its pleasant cool climate in the summer season, Aley got a nickname called ‘Bride of the Summer resorts’. Plan to visit The Symposium Gardens in Aley, which is home to numerous spectacular sculptures. This city also has Aley Equi Club in a strategic area where you can play adventure sports. Besides these, Aley has a pleasant park area for kids to play. Aley’s Synagogue, the garden of the western neighborhood, Aley Center, and Golden Lili Resort & Spa are some more prominent landmarks here.


Address: Aley, Lebanon

Website: Aley

7. Hermel

Hermel Pyramid
Source: Photo by user Firas Nehme used under CC SA 1.0

The rugged town of Hermel is another worth-visiting place in Lebanon to explore during your holidays. In the south of Hermel, you can find Hermel Pyramid which sits on a top of a hill. It is believed to be constructed in the first or second century for defense. Orontes River flows through this town and makes it ideal for enjoying the fun of kayaking and river rafting. History buffs should visit ancient monuments here. Spend leisure time eating scrumptious traditional food during your excursion in Hermel.


Address: Hermel, Lebanon

Website: Hermel

8. Tripoli (from USD 106.0)

Overlooking the spectacular eastern Mediterranean Sea, Tripoli is the second biggest city in Lebanon and the biggest one in northern Lebanon. It retains its old-world charm and praiseworthy historic significance. Visit the Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, which is famous as one of the largest fortresses in the country. Spend some time strolling through the old souks and shopping amazing items. In addition to this, you can find many beautiful mosques in Tripoli. Bourtasi Mosque and Mansouri Great Mosque are some of the noteworthy mosques which you should visit.

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9. Qaa

If you are looking to visit a destination with an archaeological significance, plan to visit Qaa, a fabulous town in Lebanon. It is well-known for its Shepherd Neolithic Industry. Shepherd Neolithic, as archaeologists refer, is the style of small flint tools found in Lebanon’s Hermel plains. Touring through this town, you may get to watch peculiar Shepherd Neolithic flint tools. Visit heritage sites, such as Ouadi Qadisha and the Forests of the Cedars of God, which you can find nearby.


Address: Baalbek District, Lebanon

Website: Qaa

10. Harissa

سلامي أعطيكم 🙏

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Harissa is a municipality in Lebanon comprising two villages, namely Daraoun and Harissa. It is popular for being home to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon. Also, plan to visit the Basilica of Saint Paul to offer your prayers. This mountain village of Harissa also offers you Harissa Cableway, where a cable car carries you at a height of about 600 meters (1968.5 feet) at the top of the mountain from Jounieh to Harrisa. Watch sweeping views of the city and sky from the top.


Address: Keserwan District, Lebanon

Website: Harissa

11. Baalbek

Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon (5073942385)
Source: Photo by user yeowatzup used under CC BY 2.0

Situated in Beqqa Valley in the east of the Litani River, Baalbek is a worth-visiting city in Lebanon. During the Roman and Greek era, Baalbek was famous as Heliopolis. This Lebanon city reached its apogee when Romans ruled it. This city is home to Baalbeck Citadel, which is a complex of temples present at the foot of Anti-Lebanon Mountain’s southwest slope. Also, visit the Stone of the South, is the biggest stone ever discover in the world. Marvel at this incredibly huge and heavy stone and wonder how people back then transported and stacked it 7 meters (22.96 feet) high.


Address: Baalbek, Lebanon

Website: Baalbek

12. Beit ed-Dine

Eastern Garden, Beiteddine Palace
Source: Photo by user Peripitus used under CC BY-SA 3.0

A small town in Lebanon famous as Beit en-Dine is home to the Beiteddine palace complex where you can watch impressive early 19th-century Lebanese architecture. Dar El Baraniyeh, Dar El Wousta, and Dar El Harim are prominent sections of this beautiful palace. It also houses Hammam or baths. In addition to this, the Palace of Emir Amine is another landmark in this small town. Today, Beit en-Dine, with its interesting museums and wonderful gardens, is a prominent tourist attraction in the country.

Beit ed-Dine

Address: Chouf District, Lebanon

Website: Beit ed-Dine

13. Rachaiya

best places to visit in lebanon | rachaiya
Source: kaotikbb on Instagram

Plan to visit the worth-seeing village of Rachaiya when holidaying in Lebanon. Tour through its 17th-century traditional souk and, as you stroll on the cobbled streets, shop exquisite handmade traditional craft, jewelry, and other things. Watch multi-hued flowers lining the street and beautiful overhanging balconies. Meet local artists here and interact with them. Sample scrumptious local food as you explore this village of Rachaiya. A little out of this village you can find lovely Rachaya Gardens.


Address: Rashaya District, Lebanon

Website: Rachaiya

14. Miziara

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Home to Our Lady of Miziara and St. Elias Shrines, Miziara is a great town in the Zgharta District to visit. It comprises four villages, namely Miziara, Sakhra, Houmeis, and Harf Miziara. This pleasant region is perched on a hilltop and is known for having unusual houses in Lebanon, for instance, one which is built out of an old airplane. A 20-minute drive from this town will take you to Bnachii Lake and, on its bank, you can find Wildlife Taxidermy Museum. Also, plan to visit enchanting Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve, which is just 10 minutes from Miziara.


Address: Zgharta District, Lebanon

Website: Miziara

15. Tannourine El Tahta

Tannourine, au nord du Liban
Source: Photo by user Canaïma used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Nestled between the mountains and deep valley, you can find this beautiful Tannourine El Tahta to explore during your excursion in Lebanon. It is home to incredible cedar forest which is home to about 60,000 trees. Do not miss visiting 500-year-old historic Lebanese house, which is a noteworthy example of Lebanese architecture. River Nahr-Al-Joze flows through the valley and outlines several Lebanese restaurants. It has formed numerous natural pools of clear, stagnant water which you can explore.

Tannourine El Tahta

Address: Batroun, Lebanon

Website: Tannourine El Tahta

16. Baskinta

Baskinta village
Source: Photo by user Elias zaghrini used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Located at an altitude from 1250-meter (4101.05-feet) to Mountain Sannine’s top, Baskinta is a beautiful village in Lebanon that is known for its natural beauty and pleasantly moderate climate. You can find here mountainous all-season resorts to unwind and enjoy playing a variety of outdoor sports. In addition to this, Baskinta is famous for a wide variety of fruits, particularly apples, and outstanding vineyards. So, plan a sabbatical in this fascinating village in Lebanon.


Address: Matn District, Lebanon

Website: Baskinta

17. Zahlé

Source: Photo by user Nassif.seif used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

The biggest city and capital of Beqaa Governorate, Zahle is a fabulous place to visit. This third biggest city in the country has a population of around 120,000 residents. It is adorned with beautiful sceneries, such as grape fields, and home to historic places, such as Haidara Ruins. Explore Berdawni promenade, which is along the charming river. Visit the restaurants and cafes dotting the promenade. Do not miss feasting on scrumptious Lebanese lunch feeling the freshness of the river nearby.


Address: Zahlé, Lebanon

Website: Zahlé

18. Beirut (from USD 30.0)

best places to visit in lebanon | beirut

Well-known as the capital and the biggest city of Lebanon, Beirut is a fascinating destination to explore. It is home to the American University of Beirut, which is the most prestigious university in this prominent city. Beirut is also famous as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, where you can find the magnificent natural wonder of Raouche Pigeon Rocks. If you are a history buff, make sure you visit the National Museum of Beirut. Spend some time exploring amazing Beirut souks, where you can find a variety of lamps, clothes, furniture, and jewelry.

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19. Byblos (from USD 180.0)

Locally popular as Jbeil, Byblos is a wonderful city in Lebanon and the biggest one in Lebanon’s Mount Lebanon Governate. It is known for its outstanding historical significance. You can find Byblos Wax Museum and Byblos Fossil Museum, which houses fossils of marine life which are million years old, Byblos Castle, and many more landmarks. If you are fond of archaeology, visit Byblos archaeological site. Tour through the souks in this historic city to shop wonderful souvenirs and antiques. If you are traveling to Lebanon in summer, you can attend the Byblos International Festival.

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20. Chouf (from USD 199.0)

Include historic region of Chouf when traveling to Lebanon. It is home to many historic and architectural landmarks and natural attractions. Visiting Baakline Waterfalls here enables you to watch spectacular waterfall amid the lush green scenery of trees and plants. Have a dip in its calm waters. Plan to visit scenic Barouk Reserve which is home to cedar forests, more than 500 plant species, 32 wild animals, and 200 birds. Moussa Castle is the place to visit if you are looking for a historic attraction. Kfarhim Grotto, Deir El Qamar, Mir Amine Palace, and Deir El Oumara are some of the worth-visiting places in Chouf that you should cover.

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Tour through an interesting gem of the Middle East

Lebanon is a small yet interesting tourist destination to explore. Its natural attractions, historic landmarks, panoramic forests, and traditional souks interest the travelers to explore this mesmerizing country. So, make no delay, head out for an excursion in this Middle East destination, and enjoy exploring all these best places to visit in Lebanon.

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